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The company created the world’s first legal electronic money bank and plans to merge several European banks into one group, such as Australia, Brazil, Germany, Canada and other countries. The association will allow more people to access financial services without territorial and political barriers, eliminate intermediaries, transfer money faster, more safely and at all levels.

Will provide the following important services such as insurance, their digital money storage and investment in a variety of tools, leasing and exchange of other currencies. And all this will be done on a clear and convenient platform.

We all used to use debit cards, the team came up with and at this time released their own. By the way, everyone can get free in a certain number involved in the sale of the card.


World Bit Bank will issue several series of VISA/Mastercard debit cards and debit cards of other payment systems for payments in cryptocurrencies.
World Bit Bank debit cards will support most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum (including the ERC20 standard) and others. This will give all World Bit Bank clients the opportunity to store and exchange cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency on your VISA/Mastercard debit card and debit cards of other payment
Low charges for deposit and withdrawal of funds Fully legal cryptocurrency which can be used for business and paying taxes
Already after the preliminary sale of tokens, it is planned to enter the top exchanges, now the minimum goal has already been achieved in the form of soft cap. The plan is painted in great detail and clearly, the guys are in no hurry, carefully approach the harmonious development. Behind the idea is a company Vitsolutions, LLC founded in 2016 and World Bit Group, which were officially authorized by the European Union to create an exchange, virtual wallet services, that is, all legal aspects are clearly observed.
Individuals and corporate clients who will buy Wibcoin (WBB) tokens worth between 1 and 10 ETH, and upwards of 10 ETH, will be offered extra bonuses in the form of free debit cards (VISA or MASTERCARD):

  • Investors investing less than 1 ETH will receive a World Bit Bank virtual card.
  • All clients (individuals and corporate) will be able to access classic banking services using cryptocurrencies.
  • After Pre-ICO, the Wibcoin (WBB) token will be trading at the following exchanges: Kraken, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Polonix, Binance, HitBTC,


  • Wibcoin (WBB) is the fastest growing cryptocurrency which enables to make payments, conduct exchange transactions in real time anywhere in the world.
  • Wibcoin (WBB) will be the unit of account of all transactions in the WBB ecosystem and will serve as the foundation for interaction with other digital services.
  • Wibcoin (WBB) will trade at major cryptocurrency exchanges.

SOFT CAP = € 500,000 ( Succeeded )
This includes marketing, technical development of the World Bit Bank project; development of the cryptocurrency wallet WBB Wallet; development of the cryptocurrency exchange WBB Exchange, development of the WBB Mobile Banking prototype, wage fund

HARD CAP = € 25 million $
This includes marketing, acquisition of one bank, development of the WBB Mobile Banking software; establishment of the WBB Exchange; establishment of the cryptocurrency fund WBB – Found; establishment of the WBB Depositary (storage of digital assets); creation and sale of card product packages (Virtual/Electron, Classic, Gold, Platinum) in cryptocurrency, wage fund.


The World Bit Bank project will create an electronic money bank that will provide a full range of traditional banking services using electronic money. The company now has two banking licenses. With the proceeds from the ICO coming soon, the company expects to have 9 banks around the world.
The World Bank Bit Project will create a cryptocurrency bank that will provide a full range of traditional banking services using cryptocurrency.

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